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Where to hold your event

So you are planning to hold an event deciding where to hold the event can make or break the party! To best decide where you should hold the event comes down to a few different thoughts.
1. How many people will be there
2. Is it going to be indoors or outside.
3. What is the general age range of the guests.
4. Will you be having entertainment.
5. Will the event be catered.

If we look at these 5 points It makes sense that if you are going to have 100 people come to a graduation party it probably will not be a good idea to have it inside your home. Unless you have a White house as a home. So you are inviting 100 people now to decide inside or outside.
There are Pros and Cons to both. so lets move to number 3.  If it is all adults and no children or very few children then Inside would be a good option, since kids generally like to run and burn off energy, especially at a kids birthday party which is where you would need someone like Paul Antonio a kids party Magician .
But if it were All adults then inside or outside both work, If you choose outside think about renting a tent from a local tent company. In the event you are having a graduation party and there will be both adults and kids if you choose inside it is a good idea to hire somewhere a bit larger that the kids can again move around. Paul Antonio has Performed at many events like this where he puts on a show to keep the younger ones calmer.
If you are having Entertainment you should look to book the best your budget will allow but do remember cheap isn't always good. An experienced performer will add to your event. do your research, ask questions. How long in the business? do they have reviews..not so much good ones they could be solicited, but nobody solicits bad or poor reviews, If they don't have 5 star reviews your event could be the next poor performance, Look at Paul Antonio Magic Buffalo NY a full time professional performer with 5 star reviews across a number of different media, some are seen on the home page of the corporate magician website  the entertainment should always be age appropriate and audience appropriate, you wouldn't want to book a blue comedian for a kids birthday party. A true corporate magician keeps everything light and company friendly, but for a graduation you need someone like Paul Antonio who has the ability to perform a magic and variety act gr=eared to all ages. 

If you are to cater the event decide on how much food you will need,  generally 20% of the guests invited will not arrive to the event for one reason or another. If you are outside and having catering brought in you may want to consider not ordering salad from the caterer but instead buy salad ready made at your local supermarket and then at the event just drop it into a disposable catering (roasting) tray. This will save you a little money and will not make a difference to quality of the event!

Whatever your event Paul Antonio Magic is a  great choice and travels across USA and Canada.

Paul Antonio Magic Buffalo NY

By paulantoniomagic 31 Mar, 2017
STEM is available at the buffalo Academy of Science to name just one local area school.  Excellence in STEM   (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)   education is an important factor in the nation's ability to remain competitive in our global economy. By creating a rigorous program focused on the STEM disciplines, BuffSci endeavors to reduce the educational and technological gaps that exist for many of our students. By making technology accessible and de-mystifying the disciplines of science and math, students are empowered to succeed. Removing barriers is at the forefront of providing a quality education and this program ensures that all students are able to get hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that will translate to successful future endeavors.

Adding ART we now get STEAM and schools are going full steam ahead and The Park School in Amherst have received an award 

Park Recognized as Top STEAM School


WNY STEM has recognized The Park School of Buffalo as a “School on the Move” for its work in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education.

Park was one of just 15 WNY public, private, and charter schools to receive recognition from the organization. The School received an “Engaged” rating, which acknowledges Park's commitment and progress in STEM/STEAM academics.

“This recognition as a school ‘On the Move’ in STEAM teaching and learning validates the effort put forth by our administration, staff, and faculty over many years to make The Park School an excellent place for STEAM education,” said science teacher John Zamojski, who accepted Park’s award.

 STREAM in recent years has appeared in schools of the Buffalo Diocese such as  in the town of Tonawanda NY 

The Diocese of Buffalo STREAM Academy courses provide creative, hands-on opportunities for students:

  • Focus on inquiry, creativity, complex thinking and FUN!
  • Emphasize STREAM education learning areas and nurtures the innate curiosity of every child!
  • Provides a runway for our next generation of believers, innovators, scientists and leaders!

Because of this curriculum Paul Antonio Magic has put together a school assembly which covers all three of these headings STEM, STEAM , and also the religious institutes version STREAM these  35 - 40 minute programs are filled with content that reverts back to the theme and teaches all 4, 5 or 6 aspects of the theme in a fun filled program.

Paul Antonio Magic is based in Buffalo NY but travels far and wide performing his show for school assemblies of children in k-5 schools, Middle Schools and also High schools not just in NY but also Ohio, Connecticut and more. 
By paulantoniomagic 17 Jan, 2017
February is the shortest month of the year and also one of the most romantic. Paul Antonio will be spreading magic at School assemblies, birthday parties and also festivals throughout the month of February. Dates are filling fast book early 716-587-2743
By paulantoniomagic 16 Feb, 2016
February is going to be a busy month for Buffalo Magician Paul Antonio Magic, and his awesome Buffalo Costumed Character lookalikes.

from public Corporate events to private Birthday party events Paul Antonio Magic does them all and here is a list of dates some of which are fully booked.

Date     Event     public(pub) /private (pri)      Availability
FEB 1    Corporate      pri  Magic          limited
FEB 2    Corporate      pri  Magic          limited
FEB 3    open
FEB 4    open  
FEB 5    School       Pri   Magic          none
Feb 5    Birthday        Pri  Magic          none
FEB 6    Canalside      pub     Costumed Character    none
Feb 6    Birthday        Pri  Magic          none
FEB 7    Canalside      pub     Costumed Character    limited
FEB 8    open
FEB 9    canalside      pub Stilt walking        limited
FEB 10     open        
FEB 11     Corporate      pri              limited
FEB 12   Corporate       pri (batavia)         none
FEB 13   Canalside      pub     Costumed Character    limited
FEB 14   Canalside      pub     Costumed Character    limited
Feb 14    Private       pri               none
FEB 15   open
FEB 16   Moes Southwest Grill Amherst  Pub   magic 5-8     limited
FEB 17   Julia Boyer Library    Pub 2 - 245              limited
FEB 18   Corporate      Pri                 none
FEB 19   open
FEB 20   Canalside      pub     Costumed Character    none
FEB 21   Canalside      pub     Costumed Character    limited
FEB 22   open
FEB 23   Moes Southwest Grill Depew  Pub   magic 5-8         limited
FEB 24   open
FEB 25   open                     
FEB 26   corporate      travel day            limited
FEB 27   corporate      pri out of town          none
FEB 28   corporate      pri out of town          none
FEB 29   open

to see a Paul Antonio Magic Performance look at the public dates and come on out call text or email for more information. 
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