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Description:              With a grand musical entrance Paul takes to the stage props in hand to wow another audience, the effects used to get the program underway depends on the make up of the audience. Paul Antonio has performed for more than one million audience members during the last 36 years. Paul captivates audiences as he, performs amazing sleights-of-hand, mind boggling magic, makes comedy and laughter a big part of his show and includes various circus skills to help in engaging his audience. Paul's known for Making children float in the air at family events. Paul’s show has been such a success over the 36 years he has been performing. His business has had numerous 5 star reviews and received awards. 

Location:                     Based in Buffalo NY Paul has performed worldwide. As far East as Scandanavia, as far South as South Africa,                                                  as Far West as California and as far North as Canada. In fact 18 countries worldwide and counting.

Show times:               Paul performs 7 days a week morning, noon and evening shows

Show Length:         30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minutes depending on the venue and audience
Age Limit:                   The Paul Antonio Magic Show is suitable for all ages.
                                • All child audience – age appropriate good clean fun from toddler to teen
                                • Family audience (adults and children) Paul will keep both age groups entertained and amused, a skill hard to find.
                                • Adult only audience – Paul has performed at many venues where there are all adults and has a 100% clean show                                         with laughter and fun geared to the mature audience.

Price:                              Pricing varies depending on a number of factors but the price will always be fair and the entertainment value                                                 will be worth every penny, Guaranteed.

Availability:            Paul is in demand and bookings come in daily it is highly recommended that you are “fast like a bunny” when                                                it comes to reserving Paul for your event.

Fact Sheet

In the last 36 years (from age 9) Paul has performed an incredible amount shows to more than one
million audience members worldwide.

That translates to:
• 18 Countries worldwide
• 1000's of audience members every year
• Numerous routines performed
• many confused people
• And 1000's of audience volunteers!

Big Events in Paul's Life (in rough chronological order)
Paul's successful career in Showbiz comes as no surprise. Paul grew up in a village with not so much going on, He gained an interest in magic at an early age when he saw magicians performing at holiday events which Paul attended. As a child he would perform magic shows for his family and friends, and by age 10 he had his first paid show at a friend’s birthday party.

After graduating from John Birkbeck High school in England in 1986, Paul took to the road where he
traveled with Circus in the United Kingdom. While touring, Paul learned many circus skills which he later added to his magic to bring a full variety show.

In the Early 1990's Paul began Cruising and performed his act on many luxury cruise ships around the globe.

Paul took his one man show on the road in the late 1990's and traveled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

In 2000 Paul met his wife Jayne, a native of Buffalo NY, and the two were married in 2001. Paul transitioned his performance to suit the American audience and over the last 15 years has received multiple awards for doing what he loves. this includes 4 awards for Best of 2015. A true Testament of hard work paying off. 

Paul is a proud father of two sons who in 2015 joined Paul in the business and helped start the costumed character side of the business which is already growing and receiving rave reviews. 
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