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School Assemblies With An Educational Message

Paul Antonio has over the years come up with many different themed shows and School Assembly shows. In recent years he has dedicated his time to bringing some important messages to students in School Assemblies. 

Paul has traveled to Connecticut, New York City, NY and Philadelphia, PA, to name a few locations, performing his Educational School  Assemblies for students of all ages.

Paul currently performs 6 Different School Assemblies :-

1. Anti Bullying Assembly 40 minute School Assembly.

2. Character Education Assembly 40 minute School Assembly

3. Every Child can be a Hero School Assembly 40 minute School assembly

4. STEAM Assembly 40 minute School assembly 

5. STEM Assembly 40 minute School assembly

6. STREAM Assembly  40 minute School Assembly

Paul loves to hear of School Assembly Ideas too. If you have an Idea talk to Paul about the theme and with enough time a tailored show may be possible to suit your assembly! Also ask about his FUNdraiser which could get you a FREE School Assembly
Every one of Paul's School Assemblies stays on point, these are directly aimed at the children, to help them learn to be better students and people. For more information please visit the individual pages on this website or use the form below to contact me for a super fast same day response!

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Anti Bullying
Character Education
Every Child can be a HERO
Just for Fun Magic Show
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