Every Child Can Be A Hero Assembly

Every Child Can Be A Hero - Educational Assembly

In this 40 minute educational Assembly Paul Antonio uses a variety of magic effects to take the children on a journey to figure out who is a hero, in short it is found that it can be absolutely anyone! Man, Girl, boy, lady, young or old it doesn't matter its our actions which make a hero not a cape.....Although a cape does look cool. This school assembly can be used at any age but is especially well received by Elementary School Assembly children and also Middle School Assemblies. 

Paul will demonstrate the following points with the audience.

  • A HERO can make changes to how we look at people around us and those we meet
  • A HERO is someone with a powerful mind strong enough to make good choices
  • A HERO knows right from wrong
  • A HERO helps others
  • A HERO can change things even if they seem to be going wrong
  • A HERO can make a difference in the community
  • and of course a true HERO can fly in the air....and a smaller child will do just that with a little magic help!

**This program is suited to all ages and does not require a stage.

Some k-9 School assemblies, separate children into younger and older groups and have two separate Assemblies. If this works best for your school Assembly, I offer a multiple show discount.

I will travel anywhere to perform this awesome school assembly!

BE A HERO, Book this show for your school

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