Daycare Centers/ Summer Camps

Daycare Center/Summer Camp Entertainment

Paul has performed his various acts at numerous daycare centers in New York State, Pennsylvania, Ohio and more. 

The act is age appropriate and can even carry a message making it an Educational Show. Paul uses a variety of skills including magic and Juggling to entertain the Young Audiences  at daycare leaning centers. Using bright colors and larger props, Paul is able to keep the attention of the little ones all the way down to the 2 year olds.

Non Intimidating
Paul DOES NOT wear makeup like the clowns so he is not intimidating to the small people he is performing to, he has studied the psychology of children and knows how to perform his act without being BIG AND SCARY. 

Summer Camp Entertainment

Summer camps are a great time to have Paul come and perform his full variety show. With magic that suits both the old and the young coupled with the Circus Skills Paul uses this act will have the whole camp in fits of laughter!


Magic for little ones

Three and four year olds
Toddler to Pre K
All ages Under Five
School Age
All Ages 2-14
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