Trade Shows


Paul Antonio uses his Magic to help your Trade Show presence!
  •     Generate Traffic to your booth
  •     Pre Qualify Leads
  •     Deliver your Targeted Sales message
  •     Be the envy of the Trade Show


Paul Will use his Magic at the Trade show, he will stop the traffic at your booth and show some cool magical effects before moving into a targeted sales message. Either consciously or subconsciously the audience will be more open to your salesmen just minutes after stopping to watch the magic. Therefore achieving the first objective stopping people, building a crowd and giving them the needed brand message.

Paul as the first point of contact will be sure to come up with ways to be both subtle and not so subtle to deliver a powerful message about your company and or product!

Part of the Team

Paul makes your Business his Business by becoming a part of the team working closely with the sales team. Paul Stresses he is there to aid the sales team as a performer he has the skills and magic to make your trade show presence known but at the end of the day its just a hook to get the sales team to connect.

Sure the Magic is cool but that isn't the reason Im there its to sell your product!

The Magic doesn't sell the Product at trade shows. It is just an awesome tool that smart Business owners use to Engage the audience in both small and large groups.  

Product Promotion is the most Important reason you have a booth at the Trade Show so why wouldn't you want to have that Product Promotion be fun and memorable!
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Is It the Magic ?

Its not magic why people stop to see a Trade show Magician. With the right Trade Show Performer (more than a Magician) people will want to know what is happening or about to happen. The human race are very inquisitive!

Imagine you are walking down the numerous isles getting handed pamphlets, flyers, business cards, when suddenly you come to a booth where Paul Antonio is standing. Rather than hearing "here is a piece of promotional material" blah blah blah. You hear something like "Hi, do you have a dollar like this"?
Paul stands with a dollar in his hand the person stops a second and says I do....or I do not, either way they are now engaged... inquisitively.
Paul says, oh cool, so  you can make money too then!
or oh too bad let me show you something!
What ? asks the spectator.
Oh I,m sorry replies Paul (building re pore) 
Let me explain If you take 5 dollar bills freely shown and you fold them in half (done slowly and engaging the audience)
Then you have 5 $20 bills (yes $100 in the hand)
Now of course if your money doesn't do that and you cant make money as fast as me then you are at the right booth because this ________(insert product or service) is the best thing your money can buy let me explain....

This will be followed up with a second effect which should start to build a crowd and gain exposure.

Paul will go into some basic details and then segway into well you know what _______(1st persons name) let me have salesmen (by name) give you all the information and answer all your questions so that you are fully informed.
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