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Title Full STEAM Ahead
An Assembly incorporating all 5 aspects of STEAM, OR 4 FOR STEM ASSEMBLIES and STREAM for religious institutes 
Geared to work with all ages k-2, 2-5, 5-8, 9-12
No limit to the audience number (200 or less is recommended as a max per assembly)
I would need either a stage or a space 12 feet long 10 feet wide, a single electric outlet.

The students will see how even following direction, results can be different, we all learn differently.
The students will learn how engineering and technology helps in building strength.
The students will learn how life can be brought into art.

This 40 minute assembly incorporates all 5 aspects of STEAM or all 4 aspects of STEM.
As with all my assemblies it is packed with content relating to the theme.

Science – a volunteer is asked to help by following my direction, doing as I do only to find humorous results.

Technology – isn’t it great to have technology predict the future, is that even possible? In weather (science) we predict weather patterns! this routine will prove the future is predicted. And relates back to all 5 aspects. used as a recap

Engineering – using chairs and a board we see how engineering can be used to make something new, how strength can be used (incorporating math and technology too)

Arts – taking it back to the basics, showing how art can come to life and it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Mathematics – with the use of a simple dice we talk of the chance of predicting the correct outcome in this mind blowing routine where I am always right.

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All of above
Multiple Schools
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