Anti Bullying Assembly

Anti Bullying School Assembly for all ages

Bullying is Not Cool!!!

Bullying is not cool! That’s the message which is brought to schools by Paul Antonio Magic in his Anti Bullying Assembly.

Bullying has become more prominent in recent years and Paul has been working really hard to bring an assembly to schools from young audiences to high school. Help fight against bullies. This Anti Bullying assembly teaches the students, through Magic and variety, that Bullying is not cool.

Paul Antonio Magic will use many different routines during the 40 minute assembly to hit home the reasons why it is okay to be different. We are definitely not all the same. We may not be the same color, the same age or have the same interests, but that’s okay. Bullies look for what they believe is weakness, but what may appear to be a weakness to one is a strength to another.

Paul stresses the difference between direct Bullying (such as threatening or hitting), and indirect Bullying (such as spreading rumors), and lets students know that indirect bullying is just as serious.

The Students also learn that shunning and excluding another student is a form of bullying, and that our goal is to be a community that includes, rather than excludes.

Just Say No! That’s right, Speak Up! Telling isn’t Tattling. A few key words which carry a strong message. If everybody says no to Bullying, it will help to discourage the Bully. It is so easy to look away and think someone else will step up, or it is not me being Bullied. Paul helps the children throughout the Anti-Bullying Assemblies to realize that you can stand up and say STOP . Students are encouraged to tell the teacher or principal about bullying situations, and are taught that "telling" is not the same as "tattling" when it comes to something as serious as bullying.

The Subject material is extremely serious, and while Paul may bring some comedy routines to the Anti Bullying Assembly, every single thing used during the performance is geared to the theme and the message of Bullying is not cool.

This isn’t a normal magic show with a couple of “keywords” thrown in, or the odd magic trick which somewhat relates to Anti Bullying. In this School Assembly, a lot of thought went into producing a show that would have a balance of comedy and seriousness, while keeping the Anti Bullying Message as the reason for the routines used. After many months, Paul was happy to bring this Assembly to schools across America and at a fee that makes sense for all.

Technical requirements

The stage area should be 16 feet long (along a wall) 10 feet wide from the wall to the edge of audience.

The audience should be seated in lines in front of the performance space (not sitting to the side) The Stage area can be a traditional stage or a gym floor.

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