Stilt Walking

Stilt Walking makes me stand out.

Paul Antonio is not always at eye level. He can be seen as a Festival Performer, as well as at Parades and Lawn Fetes to name but a few venues, standing high in the air, about 9 feet tall. Paul Antonio is able to Stilt Walk, interacting with all audiences. Paul juggles balls and clubs, depending on the venue, and recently came up with a fantastic interactive addition to stilt walking which both children and adults enjoy. Paul, when stilt walking, wears a small basketball hoop around his neck. While using an extra soft foam ball, which can be thrown by the audience. This addition was added in 2013 and has been well received at each and every event, both indoor events as well as large outdoor events. Stilt Walkers are always looked up to! Book Paul as a Stilt walker for your next event and watch him Stilt walk with ease throughout the crowd and entertain every step of the way. An awesome Festival performer. Paul can be a stilt walking Scarecrow or a christmas elf, to be different from all other stilt walkers.

Exceptions to think about

While I can perform almost anywhere on stilts there are times that I find it better not to, 
1. In a home, Generally the ceilings are just a little too low. 
2. Outside during lightening, the stilts are metal after all.
3. In High wind situations, I don't enjoy being a kite!
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