Character Education Assembly

Character Education Assembly

Paul has good Character

"Paul Antonio gave a great performance which entertained our kids and incorporated valuable character education lessons. This was not a show where the entertainer merely worked in a few buzzwords or catch-phrases, there was obviously a lot of consideration and planning to craft the show around the traits and values that were taught to the students. It was a great way to kick off our school's character education program!" (Lockport, NY, School Teacher)


I work in a Pre-K to second grade school and Paul was engaging. The children enjoyed him very much as did the adults. His program sends a clear message of character education while being entertaining. He also modified the two shows to be age appropriate :)
Maria E- Long Island NY

Even More Feedback

“We got a lot of good feedback. The message was very good, it was apparent that you put a lot of thought into it. (Many entertainers do the exact same show no matter the theme and just change one or two small parts to relate it to the theme/subject matter of the assembly)” (Mr Root Teacher)

The Charater Education Assemblies 40 minutes long

Watching a Paul Antonio Magic, Character Education Assembly will leave you wanting to leave reviews like the ones above. During the 40 minute Character Education assembly Paul hits all six pillars of Character.

Respect - This heading is hit upon a number of times during the performance, both directly and indirectly Paul teaches the Young Audiences that respect for both yourself and others as well as belongings is really important. Keep the Golden Rule.

Trustworthiness – why should we tell the truth? The children sure let Paul know why blaming others for your actions isn’t such a good thing in a comedy routine at the beginning of the performance.

– Everybody needs to be responsible for their words and actions and during the Character Education performance, Paul Antonio uses his Circus Skills to demonstrate this point in a fun filled comical way the children can relate too.

Caring – Everybody has a heart, unfortunately we also have a mind which sometimes does not think before telling the mouth to laugh. During the performance Paul brings out his Circus Act and Slapstick Comedy Kicks in. The children can hardly hold back the laughter as they see Paul fall from a Unicycle, Which he uses to demonstrate the point Caring does not just happen we have to work on it!

Citizenship – It's all too easy to forget that it takes everybody working together to make the environment a good safe place, to be and come together. Paul uses routines to show that if we do the right thing we can make the right choices as individuals and work as one, As well as protecting the earth.

Fairness – Juggling, how can three pin juggling demonstrate fairness you ask, well over the years Paul Antonio devised a great segment which strongly gets the message over both visually and verbally. Sometimes thinking outside the box makes perfect sense as you will see in this awesome segment of the Character Education Assembly.

The 6 pillars of Character Education for School Assemblies as performed by Paul Antonio Magic are really important. Paul by no means jumped into performing this show, he studied the Character Traits, and really put thought into each and every effect which is used during the performance. As shown in the reviews above, everything in the show hits on at least one of the six pillars, some effects have multiple messages there are no filler tricks! in this program. Paul sets his stage with banners which the children see throughout the 40 minute Character Education Program.
This assembly suits High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools

Technical requirements

Everything required for the performance is brought into the venue, wireless Microphone, Professional Bose sound system, Banners, a 12 foot backdrop, Stage Tables. All props. 
Just point to a space 20ft x 10ft (length x width) and Paul will make the stage or floor area look magical.


All of above
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